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In mice treated with stevioside, oxidized LDL was reduced, overall plaque volume was reduced, and insulin sensitivity increased.
Also of note is the carters com rewards fact that slightly more patients in the placebo group developed left ventricular hypertrophy, a pathological thickening of the heart muscle.Stevioside is the most prevalent glycoside in stevia, and some say it provides the bitter aftertaste that people sometimes complain about; rebaudioside is said to be the better tasting steviol glycoside, with far less bitterness.Memory deficit was largely reversed with administration of stevioside, which also reduced the brain oxidative damage caused by scopolamine.Primal Blueprint eating strategy?Perhaps not, but its interesting.
In another study, mice memory was impaired by administration of scopolamine, an anticholigernic found in the intensely hallucinogenic jimson weed (or devils weed) and datura.
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Another strike in stevias favor.
The goofy health food store dude who claims aspartame was created by Donald Rumsfeld to give us cancer may be a vociferous supporter of it, but dont hold that against stevia.
For one, this was an in vitro study, performed in a super-controlled laboratory petri dish type setting; this was not an in vivo study of animals or people eating stevia in a natural, organic way.
Its apparently quite easy to grow (according to the stevia seller who tries to get me to buy a plant or two whenever Im at the Santa Monica farmers market and the raw leaf is very sweet.
The results of in vitro studies are notorious for not panning out when you try to replicate them in vivo.Furthermore, eating stevia did not induce increased appetite throughout the day, indicating stable blood sugar and satiety levels.It may induce insulin secretion, but it increases insulin sensitivity, reduces blood glucose (i.e., the insulin is doing its job and does not increase appetite.And since we tend to be wary of unneeded insulin spikes, maybe we should avoid stevia.Lets look at a few recent studies.Another study looked at the postprandial effects of stevia, sucrose, and aspartame in human subjects.Its not always the bad guy, especially if youre insulin sensitive.Here are a few studies I was able to dig up: When combined with inulin, a soluble prebiotic fiber, low-dose stevia increased HDL while lowering overall lipids in male rats.Overall, atherosclerosis was reduced in the stevioside-treated mice.Kind of like cinnamon or turmeric, we dont consume it for the calories or as literal fuel for our bodies, but for flavor, variety, and, possibly, the health benefits.In fructose-fed rats, a single instance of oral stevioside increased insulin sensitivity and reduced postprandial blood glucose in a dose-dependent manner.


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