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Yugioh win cards

"Foolish Burial" gets one of the " discount baby boy bedding sets Manticore of Darkness " to your Graveyard and " Infinite Cards " makes you not have to discard when you draw.
Quit trying TO USE blue eyes white dragon!
Delinquent Duo - You lose 1000 life, your opponent loses two cards.Loops Loops to continually draw cards in the same turn can be used to draw all five pieces: Butterfly Dagger - Elma Loop Continually equip " Gearfried the Iron Knight " with " Butterfly Dagger - Elma " while " Royal Magical Library ".Therefore, summoning this card is made very simple.Note: If someone uses this strategy on you, a simple counter is to summon "Marshmallon" or any other monster that cannot be destroyed by battle, thus ending the Duel in a Draw.Once all of the other four cards are Face-up and active, Special Summon " Quillbolt Hedgehog ".This option will not work in Advanced Format due to the banning of "Painful Choice" in 2012.Deck thinners like the " Gadget Monsters " Gold Sarcophagus " and " Different Dimension Capsule " are good ideas.Yugi uses it on the, tV show - but that doesn't mean it's any good." The Dark Door " can help this deck, since you probably won't need to attack with more than one monster.Although adding any non- Normal Monsters will slow the deck down, " Gold Sarcophagus " or " Different Dimension Capsule " can help to draw "Heart of the Underdog" or a piece of Exodia." Metaion the Time Lord " is another excellent card to use.
Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord You could also have a Deck with mostly Normal Monsters, since the ATK of " Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord " is 1000 x the number of Normal Monsters in your Graveyard.
It's a fun show, but they don't stick to the rules of the.
Tribe-Infecting Virus - A 1600 Attack monster that lets you wipe out every monsters of one type when you summon.Asura - A 1700 Attack monster that can attack all of your opponent's monsters at once.Lightning Vortex - Use this and discard another card to destroy all of your opponent's monsters.Anyways, this won't increase your hand but it will decrease the number of card in your Deck, increasing the chance of drawing right cards.If you send an " Exodia " piece to the Graveyard with " Veil of Darkness " you can shuffle it back into the Deck with " Pot of Avarice ".This loop no longer works in Advanced Format due to the banning of " Card of Safe Return ".Some protection from spells traps, such as " Solemn Judgment " or " Dark Bribe is good to have to protect your key cards from MST and Heavy Storm." One Day of Peace " Messenger of Peace " Threatening Roar " Waboku " Scrap-Iron Scarecrow " Dimensional Prison " Mirror Force " Zero Gardna " Battle Fader " Spirit Reaper " Arcana Force 0 - The Fool and " Marshmallon " can.Borderline " in the deck so that your opponent cannot attack so that your defense is very strong.You can get 3 per summon if you add " Card of Safe Return " (Traditional Format only).Needless to say, " Exodia Necross " and " Contract with Exodia " are needed.Book of Moon - Flip a creature into face-down defense position.Heavy Storm - Wipes out all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.Activate the 3 "Cyber Valley's" effects (For the 3rd "Cyber Valley" use "DMoC" as the tribute for "Cyber Valley's" second effect)to draw 4 cards.


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