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Jimmy neutron win lose and kaboom full episode

Jimmy, Cindy, and Bolbi become tied with votes.
Meldar gives into Jimmy's demands and Jimmy has April destroy the generators.
Jimmy feels the need to investigate it, whereas.Is a special three part episode of season two.Papa Gorlock beats Jimmy to smashing the Gong of Trivia, but answers the question incorrectly.April resembles Aayla Secura from Star Wars, as well as a female Orion from Star Trek.Sheen: Have you lost your mind, dude!?At their Survivor-like tribal council, Jimmy feels useless since he caused the others to lose both games.
Carl: they'RE tearing each other apart!
The beast in the cave is a reference to the Killer Rabbit scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Trivia The last game of the show is a parody of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the contestant screen resembles the original interface from said show.Things get from bad to worse.Cindy: Oh, like I didn't see you swaping aliens stip!Jimmy's father managing to answer one right question to win the entire game (including a car) may be a reference to Mark DeCarlo, having been how many times brazil win world cup a huge winner on the NBC game show Sale Of The Century in April 1985, winning a grand total.Sheen, Carl and Libby run over to Jimmy, where Cindy and April start fighting Jimmy: Cindy, April, Stop!Goddard is disqualified from the race, as Meldar forbids the teams to cheat (even though he lets the Brains do it).I dream about girls fighting over me every night!Jimmy: No Cindy, no!However, April and her folks would've returned in the planned series finale (along with the other allies Jimmy made over the course of the series where they target giveaway 2016 would've helped Jimmy and his friends defeat The League of Villains.There are many Star Wars and Star Trek references in this episode, including: The Gorlocks having a resemblance to Gammorean guards(seen in Return of the Jedi ).Jimmy: It's a sign of affection.Cindy feels no one should mess with it, as they learned from the Yolkians not to talk to intergalactic strangers.When they get in, they are surprised to see.They hear voices that are haunted and strange in the Candy Bar, which are the voices of their parents calling their children's names.


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