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Peaty and medicinal, but a well balanced single malt for the experienced single malt drinker.
Anyone can test my claim, try any two single malts side by side, one chill filtered and the other non-chill filtered and you will know the difference is worth ranting over.Lagavulin 16 yo used to excellent whisky, but in pizza nova coupon code 2017 last few years the quality has gone dramatically down.The sweetness simply becomes too overbearing when enjoyed on its own.Education is a Great Thing!The Very best Whiskeys on planet Earth is Laga 16 Sorry for all the folk who can't like laga 16 for whatever reason, however IT IS AN icon OF ALL whiskey OUT there IS NON other better (fact) in my opinion I won't go into.
Yum c: Best Scotch I've tried to date mmmmm so sweet and smooth Very gooooooood So god damn smooth Beautifully matured Beautifully matured to deliver a very pleasant experience to all and I mean all of drinking a healthy west coast malt - Slainte.
But, once you experience it, be advised, because you will probably be addicted.
This is the finest thing I have ever tasted To me, this is a beautiful combination of the peatiness of a good southern Islay, with the fruity richness and drying finish of a top quality Speyside (reminds me of the Balvenie Caribbean Cask).
4.5 solid stars Amazing Very balanced smokey leathery sweetness, I've never tasted anything like this.SlĂ inte Not the richness in flavour it once had, and that is sad.Well loved around the world.So down the drain it went just like our plans.This might be the perfect age for an Islay whisky if it were younger it would be peatier but not as smooth n oaky ( 8 year totally awesome) and if it were older it wouldn't be Peaty enough honestly.The most satisfying and tasty malt my under experienced palate has tasted.Mr Harvey Mejelo Wonderful stuff south africa loves it very smooth no headache in the morning need i say more.i dnt think so One of the Greats Peat and a little sweet. Are parents okay with the safety of this toy, what it teaches, and the price?This got me into scotch One of the first single malts I'd tasted and it was such an eyeopener.An acquired taste for sure.However, I do advise anyone who is new to single-malt whiskies to try something else, perhaps a speyside whisky before moving on to the islas, because the rich flavours of the Lagavulin will be lost on you.

Reason for only 6/10 is that overall it really lacks complexity or interest - despite the smoke its a bland commercial product delivering little development or evolution in the glass.
Palate-Smoke, Marmalade, and toffee.


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