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Can russia win against nato

can russia win against nato

The S-400 system can track and attack up to 80 air targets with speeds of up to 17,000 km/h at a distance of 400 km using radar information from multispectral satellite-based sensors.
First it creates a psychosis among public opinion that the given country is on the verge of attacking and occupying its neighbors. .
Therefore, the US plan was revised, and the Baltic states were designated to be the new offensive starting zone.
It should be taken into consideration that Lugansk, for example, is only 600 km from Moscow.Allegedly for "deterring" Russia, the Pentagon has enlarged military spending for the anti-Russian campaign in European countries bordering Russia.For example, who needs stealth aircraft to defend their territory?As for the US, in reality the "cold war never ended, and over the past two years has triggered a psychological war against Russia and managed to oblige the EU and other vassal states to impose economic sanctions.Petersburg and Kaliningrad, the Russians have established two automated C4I systems (featuring automated Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence and Interoperability) to obtain supremacy in preventing radio-electronic war (Electronic warfare -EW) waged by American land-based, air, and cosmic surveillance systems.Russias western border would be fixed along the line stretching from.In early February, the US Department of Defense requested a Europe-related defense budget.4 billion woman within coupon codes october 2014 for fiscal year 2017.Petersburg, along the border with the Baltic States, and in Kaliningrad.The chances of these cruise missiles reaching their targets are small, as Russia has about 250 MiG-31 long-range fighters that can reach a speed of Mach.83 (3500 km/h) which are specialized in intercepting E-3 Sentry (awacs) plane and cruise missiles.Germanys top diplomat, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, had harsh words for nato regarding its planned buildup of troops along Russias western border, saying: What we should avoid today is inflaming the situation between Ukraine and Russia by warmongering and stomping boots.
The author is a Romanian military analyst, former deputy commander of Otopeni Airport (Romania).
The invasion of Russia was set to start from the territory of Ukraine.
The initial plan was that the US-backed "Euromaidan" would draw Ukraine into its sphere of influence, and that the Russian naval bases in Crimea would be transferred to the US Navy, as Ukraine becomes a nato member.Russia, surrounded by nato military bases, is seen by Washington as a huge booty given its huge territory on which 60 of the Earths mineral resources, drinking water, land suitable for agriculture, and forests are located.In order to completely deter a Western invasion, Russia would have to begin to develop the continuity of C4I automated systems with the EW, A2/AD bubbles around.In the case of a nato attack on Russia, in the first wave the US is expected to hit 60 - 70 false targets on Russian territory.Any military invasion of Russia could be executed successfully by USA only before 2018, after which the chances of success drop dramatically given the Pentagons loss of technological superiority in many fields compared to the Russian Army and the possibility of the conflict turning into.In the best case scenario, the effectiveness of this first wave might mean the neutralization of 30 of Russias surveillance aerial radar systems network, 30 of the S-300 and S-400 battalions deployed between Moscow and the border with the Baltic countries, 40 of the components.Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod, Kaluga, Tver, and Volgograd.The deployment of Russian C4I systems also allows for the establishment of two exclusion zones (Anti-access / A2 Area Denial / AD Bubble) impenetrably by nato forces.

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Such systems are relatively few in number but in position to ensure the deflection of important enemy objectives.


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