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Best gift for griha pravesh

Auspicious months for griha pravesh, that are based on the lunar calendar, and their outcome have been provided below: month results.
Shradha Karma or offering to the ancestors can be performed in Adhika Masam.
Adhik Maas Daan, daan /charity holds great importance in human life after that the person can have a joyous comfort.Donts, devata Pran Pratishta: Installation of new Idols of God in the Temple.Below are some of the functions that are Strictly prohibited during the Adhika Masam or Adhika Masa.You can upload image, text, message or choose form our ready templates and we will get it printed for you.In the 2015 in hindu lunar calender adhik masam is from to This additional time unit of approximately 30 days is called Adhik Ashad Maas or Adhik Ashada Mahina.So in 2015 there are thirteen months in Hindu Lunar calendar apart from the normal 12 months.Once the house is ready, the family moves in on an auspicious day that is determined by the astrological charts.Personalize them and gift them to show appreciation to your relatives, friends and clients.There is an Adhika Masam or Adhik Masa or an extra month which happens in year 2015.By Performing penance knowingly or unknowingly in this adhik masa in any form can inspire on spiritual merit will attain the peace and Graha Dosha Planetary Defect or any specific dosh, Dosh, nivaran puja, if performed in this Aadhik Maas will gives more Aadhik means.People performs extra Jaap, Pradakshinas, Religious Pilgrimages, Religious text reading and do the Parayans.
Daan is intended to proportionate the Sins committed deliberately or unknowingly in his lives or previous one.
Giving donations in Annadan and Vastra daan in this month can reduces the malefic effects of Navagrahas.
But Ekadashi Vrats during Adhika Maas can be perormed.
Benefit of Adhik masa vrat, keeping fast during Aadhik maas, is equivalent to performing a hundred Yagyas, which is the path to reaching the place of complete Bliss perfect happiness, pleasure and peace.
They are fun and practical way to showcase your favorite photo moments.
House Warming Vastu Shanti, griha Pravesh is a ceremony performed on the occasion of one's first entry into a new house.
Dos and Donts During Aadhik Masam.To correct and get these two calendars Lunar and Solar identical an extra month is added and this is a Adhik maas.Gruha Pravesha: House warming staten island compost giveaway Gruha Pravesham, Vaastu Shanti or entering in a newly Constructed house is prohibited in Adhika Masam.Baishak (part April and part May) - Growth of wealth and prosperity.Vasishta Siddhanta, a written by Sage Vasishta, says that this Adhika Masa occurs after every 32 months, 16 days and 8 Ghadis.


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